Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Beautiful And Hot Summer

The best season is summer. In the summer there's good parts and there's bad parts. You have the sunshine, trees  and plants nice and green, and best part about it is the nice cool swimming pools. Kids outside where shorts, wife beaters, and shirts. A lot of people are out shopping and roaming around in the summer buying Beach where, sunscreen, water and other wanted products. Planning trips for amusement parks and island vacations are always fun. People having traditional cookouts on their neighborhood block. Fourth of July is always a sparkle in the sky as the Fireworks fill the air with color and beauty. People serve water ice in the in the summer time  so they can have something cold to eat. Ice cream trucks are always driving around with their musical tune.

Not every part of the summer is good. You have really hot temperatures that are so severe that they can be very dangerous to an animal or human once you step outside. Summertime is also a season for criminals. You never know what you can run into until you walk into a gang. Sicknesses such as heat fever and heart attacks are common on humans. Sweat drips off your body from the intense heat. That's the cycle of the Good And Bad parts of the Summer.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Experience At The College Fair

My Experience at the College Fair was not what I expected. It's very interesting to see what Colleges have to offer for you. I never thought that some colleges had a small amount of Students. I thought that all colleges were big and to me that's a life lesson. I feel more motivated to go to College.

The College Fair made me think about my plans for College. My plans for getting out of School is to be a performer. I want be a performer because its my passion and its something that I'm good at. I have a voice and I feel as though it needs to be heard. I want to show the world what I can do and standing up for what I believe in.

I know that I'm capable of handling what the world has to offer and what they throw at me. In a few years from now I'm going to be a full grown adult so I have to learn responsibilities. I'm learning at a young age right now. I know whenever I need help with something I can always go to my teacher. I'm looking forward towards my future.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Personal Goal

My Goal is apply for college. What I've finished so far for my goal is having A ''Senior Exit Project Portfolio.'' This will be a guide on what I need for me to apply to colleges. I have one application for Cheyney University completed and ready. I still have plenny more steps to take before my goal is complete.

I need to finish my portfolio website so I can send it to the colleges I'm applying too. Also I half to Ms. Fitzgerald about the items I need for SAT tests. Papers for the SAT need to be signed by an Assistant Principal. My step for this part of the goal is to have Ms. Marett sign her signature. I still half to make a schedule for my steps.

My other steps are to gather up all of my creations that I've made in school and home. I will take pictures of my creations and show them in my website. I need to finish the other pages for my website. I need to film a video of myself but it needs to be short. It sounds like a plan. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Leave Me Out Your Mouth

Gossip, Comments, Altercations, and Big Mouths need to stop. If you have something to say to me you come to my face and say what you have to get off your chest. My friend apparently told me that Derrien the guy I was dating said:"I talk to much and he lied to me about him going to where he said he was going. I don't care because why live life unnoticed. What I mean by that is when you talk people listen to you, they notice you, and they like you for who you are. He apparently won't get a man acting like that trust me. I want to punch him in his face but I'm not going too. He'll get what's coming to him. Karma bites back every time. So I have no reason to hit him but at the same time my friend should of never hooked him up with me if she knew this would happen. She's another suspect in this as well. If there's something you don't like about me tell me to my face. So leave me out your mouth.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Not Believing Anything He Says

My father has been trying to convince me that he's going to do whatever for me but to tell you the truth I can't believe anything that comes out of his mouth. I've been visiting my grandmother for a while because she's been very ill. I go over there on the weekends for a visit. My father has been talking to me about how he isn't going to let me down and he's going to change. As he talks to me I stare at him in disbelief. I still feel like he loves his girlfriend more he talks to her a lot. The fact that you would call me a Stupid A word hurts like needle through my hand because I'm your son. Who's father in their right mind would say that to your own son. I dislike him with a passion and I can't even look at him without chuckling. I half to hold my laughter so I won't disrespect him. I'll try to trust him but after that I can't believe anything that pops out of his mouth. It's nothing but words to me just plan old simple words. I'm doing well and I can take care of myself but I know one day he's going to need me and I'm going to need him.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Program I Went To On Wednesday

We had this program on Wednesday. They were teaching us about careers that we want presiew in my life. I signed up for to which were Financial Literacy and Behind the Music. I suggested these two jobs because I want be a singer-songwriter (Dancer) for my career and at the same time manage all my money for the music business. Raw Beauty which is a music group preparing on coming out with a new album. Jessica who was the female and the man's name that remains withheld talked about how education is the key to success and to getting you a good job. Jesse short for Jessica, tells her that some of her family members didn't make it in the music career. She explained how they never had a back up plan. Three people from the music industry sat down and talked about how they worked hard in the business of music. The songwriter explained how he worked with Chris Brown, Ciara, and other varieties of artists. I learned a lot from them and they helped me grow as a student.

In Financial Literacy I learned that when I comes to money you have to be very persistent about what you spend. I learned about the 4 key words (budget, scholarship, save, and banking). Those words are the simple ways of helping you in your life. I also learned about student loans how you don't want to do that because you won't have a way to pay them back. That's why it's important to have a plan for your money.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Music Video

I'm working on my music video for ''Little Dancer.'' Little Dancer is basically about having fun, being yourself and freedom of expression. Being your own transactor regardless of what may occur. Right now we're looking for locations around ''South Philly'' and so far we got ''South Street.'' Ms. Janelle (Video Producer from Education Works) is helping me with choreographing moves for the video. I've came up with some moves myself. I practiced all night and I was very tired but I managed to master the moves. We were practicing all week in Education Works all hour long. I really enjoyed myself working with Ms. Janelle. It's going to be amazing. And I'm going to have some haters.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Feeling Recharged

After all the crazy things I've done, I gain all of the power back into me. I felt like I was POWERLESS and I felt like I was almost gone. I've said something to a friend's mom and it was totally disrespectful. I tried giving apologies but it didn't work but it doesn't mean I'm not out of the game. He tried to beat me up and once he hit me, I became a totally different person. All the energy I thought I lost came back in my body. I'm unstopable like Kim Possible so anyone who tries to step to me will be distroyed. If you talk crap about me I'm going to be a bigger person about it.

My life will be at a different approach for now on. I'm more tough, strong, motivated, sassy, conceited and bad as in cool. I love myself more then I did before. Life is going to get tuffer but I'm pretty sure I can thrib through anything. Vincent will always be Vincent! I'm like Lil T from ''Dance Central 2'' I work it like a model while my haters just stand there like manniquins. Vincent Taylor A.K.A BlindSpot or Oblivion.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Election Day

Election Day is when the citizens of the United States vote for the next person to become president. Students who are at the age of 18 are allowed to vote in the Election. What I know about Election Day is it comes all year around and it only happens when you the president is about to retire. Two people half to compete with each other to be the next runner up for president. Being president is a difficult job to handle because you're running the whole United States. You work with the government and tell them what should be changed and what shouldn't. That's mostly what Election Day is all about.

Friday, April 20, 2012

THE EXPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Autism Expo was terrific. It amazes me how so many parents care fo their child regardless of there disability. Two parents today talked about their child named ''Julian.'' They talked about when he was a kid, he never started talking. The Mother explained how her mom was a women from down south and she told her:''The child will start talking when he's ready'' which I found to be funny. She noticed that his eating habits were unusual. The mother explained how she had to mix up green beans with banana putting. She also noticed that he put all the blocks in color order. When she made that statement, I remembered when I was younger and I use to put my toys in little patterns. It took me back to my childhood and just listening to her talk about her child was just a great experience.

During the Expo I was telling people about our projects that we were working on. I had positve energy and great personality which is my usual self. I smiled and gave a great performance on explaining our class project. I went all over taking things off the tables which you're allowed to do. In conclusion, I had a great time at THE EXPO WHOOOOOAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Evil Inside Of Me

I feel like people want to take my kindness for a weakness. I know sometimes It's me but most of the time it's people. I've gotten advice from my cousin so I'm trying redeam myself while I'm at school and at my program. As long as you be nice I'll be nice. You say something ignorant out your mouth I won't interact with you. If you constantly just go I'm going to overpower you in anyway I can. I don't like be evil, mean, and tempermental person but if you get it out of  me I will attend to do so. I don't like mean, arrogant, overly conceded people who are smart up to the point where they make everybody else feel smarte than them. I got evil inside of me.The best thing you should do is don't bring it out of me because once I go above 4, that's a warning. Keep your distance please and thank you!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Italy is a place in Europe. It borders France, Switzerland, and Austria. The flag of Italy is red, white, and green. The green part of the flag stands for the uniform of the clivic soldiers. One of the landmarks in Italy is the coliseum. It's where armies use to have battles and watch people get killed. Some parts of Italy don't have streets just water. The word of Etymology ''Italia'' is a numerous amount of corpes in a solution in the historians.

One of the most amazing Museums is located in Northern Italy. It has found one of the most oldest living dinosaurs in Italy. It is a predator and it was known for having a long neck, sharp teeth, and it lived around the Jurassic period. It was called Saltriosaurus which was a theropod dinosaur. It lived in Italy around the jurassic. You can see the picture on the top.

Venice is a place in Italy where there are some parts of streets and some parts are water. The only one way you can travel is by boat. Venice is as beauttiful as it can be. Venice has many names, for example, it's been known as the ''City Of Water'' and the ''City Of Bridges.'' It's called that because it is the first city to have been built by man in the water. Venice is located in Northern Italy in the Adriatic Sea. Another name for it is the ''City Of Canals.'' Venice is also known as the city of romance. It is a famous tourist atraction. One of the names of the streets is ''Calle Della Madonna.'' Italy is one of the most circular places in the world in the world. Venice is so breathtaking.

The roman coliseum is known for having lots of battles and lots of murdering. It was built by the roman empire. The Roman empire were a group of soldiers that would fight to finish in the coliseum. They would use male lions to kill off their enemies. It is now a ancient landmark now. It's located in the capitol of Italy which is Rome.

The Mediterenanean sea is right next to Italy. In Italy, this is the ocean where they catch their food. It's a lot of sea life in the Mediterenanean. The wildlife in the mediterenanean is very weird and bizzare. one of the weirdest animals there is the Spirographus. It is a bizzare type of animal. It looks like a type of plant that you see in the rainforest.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LIFE And What It Stands For

L.I.F.E to me stands for Laughter, Imagination, Fun, and Experience. The reason I picked these words because you see these things in everyday life. People going to parties having fun, dancing and eating food during the summer time at cookouts, sometimes at a birthday or field trip at your school. People just talking about whatever they want to, telling jokes which brings a lot of laughter. Sometimes you got to laugh to keep from crying and that's what the L stands for.

All of your imagination and dreams can come and that's only if you make that happen. In addiction, if you have a dream of being the world's greatest painter, you go to school and study on it. Once you get your degree in art there's no stopping you now. Dreams don't have to be just your imagination. They are more precious then you think they are. Sometimes It don't always work out the way you plan but ed leased you can still try and work for it. You'll never know! An opportunity could come knocking at your front door one day.

Sometimes in life you half to just come out your shell and show the real person inside which most people don't do now-a-days. If you're secretly gay, lesbian, or bisexial you just show it instead of trying to be like everybody else. You are your own person. You can only look out for you like always and as it should be. You want to be leader not a follower. You got your own mind. REMEMBER THAT! In the words of one of Keke Palmer's songs ''Looks Are Only Skin Deep.''

E stands for experience because these are also things that happen. Everybody has an experience with something even if it's sexual. Some experiences are good while some are bad. Bad Experiences are the ones you got to watch out for because you never know what could happen to you. Rape, Murder, Robbery whatever YOU MUST BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Good Experiences like school, learning, talent, and love. You must know that these are the only things that will help you in L.I.F.E. That's what these four letters mean to my perspective.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Me, Myself, And I

I have always been a smart, unique, talented, and creative person and I love myself for that. I do have days where I feel like a failure because I feel like I can be smart and do the right thing. I made a resolution to be the bigger person and stay positive and I do sometimes. In other words I'm a little bit hypocritcal, I can be a liar, I'm two faced, I very sensitive to curtain things when the words are really nothing. I know that everybody has the same problems that I have but I want to get rid of it. I don't want these problems.

The reason why I have these problems because it's coming from stress. For this reason the person that I thought I would be with the rest of my life destroyed me. He disrespected in so many ways. He also has said things about my mother to me which was crossing the line. I've gotten over it but it doesn't take away the memory of that incident or the hurt he's put me in. For now, Ive locked my heart away in a tight barrier where nobody can get to it. It's a steal wall that they won't be able to demolish.

The only thing I'm thinking about is school and college. Love is for later in life otherwise I would of been hurt all over again. I have a talent and I'm going to show my feelings through that instead of showing intense hate for the person that has underestimated me. VINCENT IS DOING VINCENT!!!!!!!!!! That's all for now. BlindSpot and Oblivion are way more important then haters, my exes, and anyone else who wants to put me down. SO WHO'S THE BOSS NOW!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I'm happy all day everyday.

DeShaun: Vincent ummm... I think that your 3 paragraphs was fantastic and okay. You added a lot of information about yourself which was good. However, you made a couple of errors in your paragraphs.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Opinion On the Story Of the Hunger Games

The most of the things I liked in the Hunger Games are my favorite. My most favorite part was when Katniss running for her bag and Clove throwing a knife. Clove is my favorite tribute and she seems very crazy which I like. I love when she threw a knife at Katniss head and she slammed her on the ground. Then she decides to to see which part going to cut first.

I liked when Katniss got to meet Cinna for the first time. I love the fact that they were giving her makeover because it reminds me of a day at the Spa. She was getting all dolled up, hair was nice, nails were done, skin was shiny, and other things they've done for her. Cinna admired her hair and how beauttiful and it make think of somebody admiring me and saying I'm beauttiful. I loved that part.

A part in the Hunger Games I didn't like was when Rue died. It was so sad to see a twelve year old little girl get a spear stabbed in her stomach. Rue didn't deserve that at all. She was Katniss first ally and Katniss thought of her sister when she looked at her. It was too sad.

Another thing I didn't like was when Katniss was getting injured. She had got badly burned in the fire when Gamemakers set it up. It was too much especially the Tracker Jacker stings. And she also had a bomb blown in her face. That was a terror of pain.

What I felt from reading the story was sadness, anger, suspense, scared, and fantastic. I say all of those things about it because at the beganing it was happy and pieceful. Then as soon as
you get in the middle you get a little angry at what's happening. Then you never know what could happen next in the story so it gets suspenseful. You get scared of some of the character
and when you find out a good thing happened it's fantastic.

Clove is my all time favorite tribute. She don't let nobody mess with her. I love that Clove can throw a knife without ever missing. She's very psychotic which I love about her. I'll keep her as my favorite.

When Peeta announced his love for Katniss I thought it was beauttiful. I love the fact that they wouldn't mine giving each other kisses. It was so romantic which I loved about it. Love is wonderful in so many ways. Sometimes it could hurt you like Katniss did to Peet.

I will always love Cinna. He's a work of art kind of like myself. The stuff that he put on her was amazing. Cinna is also another favorite of mine. I want him as my Sylist.

Discribing A Picture

In this photo, I see a man riding a horse in front of a big brown church. The man's name is Old Hickory. He was getting ready to fight in a big war and that's the reason why he's riding a Horse. The church behind him is big and white. The place is where they celebrate holidays and other special get-togethers.

The place is New Orleans. It's a city in another country, and some parts of New Orleans were destroyed by a Hurricane. The place near Old Hickory is called ''Place dArmes.'' It's near Jackson Square in New Orleans. It's next to the statue of Andrew Jackson.

The big white church next to the ''Place dArmes'' is where they celebrate Mardi Gras. Big parties are celebrated there as a Tradition. They have dragons, beeds, performers all near that church at Jackson Square. They're green lights near the church which are actially the night lights in New Orleans. It's a very big city.

The name of one of the streets is called Pirate ally which is one of the paths next to the church. Old Hickory is located in Jackson Square Park. The park is located in between Decatur and Chartres. It is one of the biggest parks in New Orleans. That's my discription of the picture on the Bing website.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My New Years Resolution

My first new years resolution is to be the bigger and better person as soon as possible because the way that I have been handling myself isn't that great and I want to do a little better for this year. For example, a lot of people always want to know my business and other personal things in my life. I feel like I can never get up and walk away from it's like and I'm forced into it so I half to tell them. Also I get smart when someone says or comments on something I don't like and it's about myself and this year I'm going to just ignored them. I want to be more of a wise guy and very confident. If anyone says something rude towards me I can either laugh at it or say nothing at all. I can't do it. It's not me and who I am as a person. I want to be looked up to or otherwise be a repluca of a person on TV. All I want do is go to school, get good grades, completing all of the assignments and going to college. I only want my dreams to come true. Your dreams aren't fantasies.
My second news years resolution is to be open and at the same time having a wall up. My sign is a Scorpio and we attend to keep things bottled up inside us. I made myself a diary to help release the stress I have on the inside so I don't take it out on people. I'm not trying to throw myself off the path to a good successful life. Love is the only thing I have for people especially my haters. Throughout the bad times I've had I learned a lot and taken a lot of advice from teachers. I'm loving the fact that I consider these two things my resolutions. In conclusion, I'm going to blossum into a wonderful person. P.S, I'm done instigating too!!!!