Friday, February 24, 2012

Me, Myself, And I

I have always been a smart, unique, talented, and creative person and I love myself for that. I do have days where I feel like a failure because I feel like I can be smart and do the right thing. I made a resolution to be the bigger person and stay positive and I do sometimes. In other words I'm a little bit hypocritcal, I can be a liar, I'm two faced, I very sensitive to curtain things when the words are really nothing. I know that everybody has the same problems that I have but I want to get rid of it. I don't want these problems.

The reason why I have these problems because it's coming from stress. For this reason the person that I thought I would be with the rest of my life destroyed me. He disrespected in so many ways. He also has said things about my mother to me which was crossing the line. I've gotten over it but it doesn't take away the memory of that incident or the hurt he's put me in. For now, Ive locked my heart away in a tight barrier where nobody can get to it. It's a steal wall that they won't be able to demolish.

The only thing I'm thinking about is school and college. Love is for later in life otherwise I would of been hurt all over again. I have a talent and I'm going to show my feelings through that instead of showing intense hate for the person that has underestimated me. VINCENT IS DOING VINCENT!!!!!!!!!! That's all for now. BlindSpot and Oblivion are way more important then haters, my exes, and anyone else who wants to put me down. SO WHO'S THE BOSS NOW!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! I'm happy all day everyday.

DeShaun: Vincent ummm... I think that your 3 paragraphs was fantastic and okay. You added a lot of information about yourself which was good. However, you made a couple of errors in your paragraphs.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Opinion On the Story Of the Hunger Games

The most of the things I liked in the Hunger Games are my favorite. My most favorite part was when Katniss running for her bag and Clove throwing a knife. Clove is my favorite tribute and she seems very crazy which I like. I love when she threw a knife at Katniss head and she slammed her on the ground. Then she decides to to see which part going to cut first.

I liked when Katniss got to meet Cinna for the first time. I love the fact that they were giving her makeover because it reminds me of a day at the Spa. She was getting all dolled up, hair was nice, nails were done, skin was shiny, and other things they've done for her. Cinna admired her hair and how beauttiful and it make think of somebody admiring me and saying I'm beauttiful. I loved that part.

A part in the Hunger Games I didn't like was when Rue died. It was so sad to see a twelve year old little girl get a spear stabbed in her stomach. Rue didn't deserve that at all. She was Katniss first ally and Katniss thought of her sister when she looked at her. It was too sad.

Another thing I didn't like was when Katniss was getting injured. She had got badly burned in the fire when Gamemakers set it up. It was too much especially the Tracker Jacker stings. And she also had a bomb blown in her face. That was a terror of pain.

What I felt from reading the story was sadness, anger, suspense, scared, and fantastic. I say all of those things about it because at the beganing it was happy and pieceful. Then as soon as
you get in the middle you get a little angry at what's happening. Then you never know what could happen next in the story so it gets suspenseful. You get scared of some of the character
and when you find out a good thing happened it's fantastic.

Clove is my all time favorite tribute. She don't let nobody mess with her. I love that Clove can throw a knife without ever missing. She's very psychotic which I love about her. I'll keep her as my favorite.

When Peeta announced his love for Katniss I thought it was beauttiful. I love the fact that they wouldn't mine giving each other kisses. It was so romantic which I loved about it. Love is wonderful in so many ways. Sometimes it could hurt you like Katniss did to Peet.

I will always love Cinna. He's a work of art kind of like myself. The stuff that he put on her was amazing. Cinna is also another favorite of mine. I want him as my Sylist.

Discribing A Picture

In this photo, I see a man riding a horse in front of a big brown church. The man's name is Old Hickory. He was getting ready to fight in a big war and that's the reason why he's riding a Horse. The church behind him is big and white. The place is where they celebrate holidays and other special get-togethers.

The place is New Orleans. It's a city in another country, and some parts of New Orleans were destroyed by a Hurricane. The place near Old Hickory is called ''Place dArmes.'' It's near Jackson Square in New Orleans. It's next to the statue of Andrew Jackson.

The big white church next to the ''Place dArmes'' is where they celebrate Mardi Gras. Big parties are celebrated there as a Tradition. They have dragons, beeds, performers all near that church at Jackson Square. They're green lights near the church which are actially the night lights in New Orleans. It's a very big city.

The name of one of the streets is called Pirate ally which is one of the paths next to the church. Old Hickory is located in Jackson Square Park. The park is located in between Decatur and Chartres. It is one of the biggest parks in New Orleans. That's my discription of the picture on the Bing website.