Friday, December 17, 2010


We went to a assembly today to see dancers and drummers. They were African and they are really into their culture. The dancing they did was very different from the dances we see today. They talked about the things in there tridition and what those things mean to there tridition. It had a lot of energy and a lot of movement. It takes a lot of pratice to learn those dances.

The Dancers were really kicking their legs high and doing these super flips and twists. I was blown away! The dancers even asked kids if they would like to go up there and dance. A friend of mine was up there killing it! She started crumping and great many other moves. I was going to go up but I got nervous.

I was very entertained by everything, even the two guys that were dancing. Ms. Mckeone, my teacher, was one of the participints in the show. The dancers called some teachers in the crowd and Ms. Mckeone. They were cheering for Ms. Mckeone. She was pulled up on the stage by the dancers manager.

The dancers showed what the they had to do. Everybody up there was killing it but mostly Ms. Mckeone. The dancers helped the teachers throughout the whole performance. I couldn't  believe my eyes when I saw all of the teachers up there! The dancers were incredible and I will be like them someday.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Complete Sentences: Misunderstanding

I remember when Antwain and I argued on the phone. I only called him once that day and he just took it as a misunderstanding. We were good friends for a while and then we started to get complacated. Him and I say hi and just leave it from there. He's still funny and some ways always fooling around in the altertorium just being funny and silly. He just does his own thing now. He's working hard to be a basketball player. He's really good at it. I love him that's my buddy.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Yesterday, we went to the Franklin Institute to go see Cleopatra. She was the queen of the nile and rule all of Egypt. She had four kids. She would go into wars with her people to protect her kingdom. She was a women with amazing beauty. She was the last of the Pharoahs. She was taking captive by an evil king. So she dicides to kill herself so she wouldn't experience the cruel things that the evil king had instore for her. Nobody knows where Cleopatra's body is today and scientists are still looking.