Monday, November 14, 2011

Planning Out The Website

Learning how to create websites for me was very interesting, hard working, educating, disappointing, fustrating, entertaining, stressful, and quite decent. The reason why I said it was interesting because I learned how to make a website but not by planning it out step by step. When our teacher Ms. Mckeone showed us the diagram for the website she's planning on making for her accomplishment, I knew it was going to be hard. She told us to make our own and not to mock her idea. We got started.

I thought It was hard working because I couldn't figure out where all of my pages were going to be and how would they connect with the content. I sat at my desk trying to figure out what should the title of the website, what kind of pages were going to be on the site, and how should it look. I started thinking hard and I started to get an idea in my head. I drew it out and what I had on the diagram or flowchart was four for different pages. The pages were About, Producing Music, Editing, and a profile.

I started drawing out lines for the about page. I drew 4 lines for and drew out 4 little indivisual boxes. One box said songs and on the bottom of that box there was another that said listen now. I thought it was educating when I was drawling out my boxes just getting a surten idea for what I wanted in each page. I drew three more squares and they all indivisually were saying the names of what I wanted on there which was Portolio, Drafts, and Songwriting.

My teacher explained what I should change about my flowchart. She said that the editing page should be a Lyrics page and she just told me to revise the Profile into something else. I went back to my seat and started brainstorming. It was a little difficult thinking of what to write for the last page. My head was pounding trying to come up with such a brilliant idea. Ms. Mckeone gave me an idea on making the profile page into Community.

Days started passing and we didn't have all month. The class and I started to draw out their wireframes.
My first wireframe was different and this time I had five pages instead of four for my website. The first
wireframe I made was great. I was on the right track and I knew what I was doing. I let Ms. Mckeone look at it. She told me to make a few changes to some parts.

We started to create the websites and it was disappointing because I started to create whatever instead of doing what I was creating. Ms. Mckeone and Mrs. Evans were very disappointed at what they saw.
It was a rainbow mess of Kayox. I went to EW and revised it over again. It really stressed me out because the computer was slow and had to restart but I got half of it done.

Monday was the day to represent our websites. I was so ready to go and I was exstatic. I was all jittery
in my seat and I couldn't be motionless for two seconds. I got up and presented for my teachers and they liked what they saw better then last week. I told them about the things I put and etc. It was great and my grade went higher.

Doing that hard work was a work out but I made It through and It will be a big old memory in my noggin. I'm going to be doing that type of stuff when I'm out in the world. The reason why I thought it was good because that type of activity motivates you to do better and be better. I had a great time making the webzines. I want to do it again for my senior year.www.wixcom/vincenttaylor/