Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Being A Professional Mentor

Working with the kids was a wonderful experience. I worked with two students and they were wonderful. They were self stimming a little but I used some smart tatics to get them back into place. It can be a little difficult working with kids but I know how to be nice when it comes to working with them. All the work payed off after we finished working with the kids.

One of the kids I worked with was Terrell, a nice little guy. He loved taking pictures with me. He got a little bit upset but he did good. The reason he got upset because he wanted to see the screen and the colors were blocking it. Other then him getting upset, he did a spectacular job.

Teaching Terrell how to work on Comic Strip was making me hungry. We went to get lunch and we chicken nuggets and rice. I had a second helping of everything because I was so hungry. After we ate we finished the rest of the comic and the kids went home. We earned a lot of money that day.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


My weekend was great. I went to my dad's house and played this game called ''Left 4 Dead.'' It's a extremely hard game and a scary one too. It's about the how the ended and all these Zombies have taking over. Their are many different Zombies in the game and there are some really cool ones. They can be very vicious so you got to be careful when you are playing it. The first one I am going to tell you about is The Boomer. When the Boomer gets close to you he throws up a nasty vomit which attacts a horde of Zombies. The vomit to them means food. The Hunter is exspecially vicious. The Hunter crouches down and then jumps on you, slashes at your close, trying to rip you apart. The Smokers will take there tongues and rap them around your neck and try to kill choke you.  One of my favorites the Witch. The only thing she does is sit and cry. She doesn't like flashlights, noises, and most of all being shot at. She gets a little too agressive. The Tank is a big husky Gorilla looking kind of Zombie. He grabs you and punches you into the air. This game is very intense.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My Accomplishments For This Year

My accomplishment for this year is to get a higher grade in Mr. Streusses class. I need that C to become a B so no more getting distracted in class. I do well in my Drama class so i'm going to keep that up. I need to stop keeping myself distracted in Mr Streuss class because thats not good. SO that is something I need that's. My next goal is to watch my friends closely because you never know what your friend can turn on you. My friend Shamir is such a sweetheart. I love her to death but something tells me I got to watch her. I'm suspicious about the way she act sometimes. My last goal is to forget bullies because they aren't nothing to me just a waste of time and patience. I don't need that in my life and I'm better then a hater. I'm starting to love haters talking about me because what they say is so funny and it makes me feel special. Those are my new accomplishments for this year.