Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Big Goal

Our teacher made a new goal for us to do. The new goal is to increase our vocabulary by 1.5 years. They vocabulary, comprehension, writng, and grammar. I want to accomplish a lot of things for this year. Hopefully I can push that goal in with the rest of my goals. This is best goal for me because I need to learn how to spell big words. Today I was trying to spell Conservative but I spelled it out wrong. This year I just want to get good grades on my report card. I am working so hard and fast that I'm scared of getting a bad report card because my other report card I had 4 A s 1 B and C. This year I want it to be better. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Snow Day

Yesterday we did not have school because they were all closed. So I stayed home on the extremely cold day yesterday. I had fun on the snow day except there was an issue with Terrell my friend Davids cousin had a problem with David. He said that David had stole his boyfriend Romeo and they both went at it. Terrell said that David didn't know that they were a couple when he did. When he said that I was so mad, David would do such a thing to his own flesh and blood. That is wrong and that is something you shouldn't do to your own family. Terrell to told me that he would hold his head up high in a haphazard way. He said to me: ''He is done with David and Romeo and is just worried about himself so he ain't thinking about them.'' I agreed with his bias decision. He is a great guy who is talented and a smart boy. He told me: ''He had STD problems from having sexial contacts with a man without whering a condem. I told him: ''I hope they fix that problem and im sorry.'' Good thing he gave me the explanation for it. LOL!! Terrell is going to construct himself up in a good way. David on the other hand is not going to hear from me until he learns what he did is wrong and he never will because he's a dummy sometimes. As for me I am focused school and getting educated and going where I need to go. Im not acting like a fool anymore seriously. I will approach myself in a perfectional way.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Break

My holiday had some sad, happy and fun parts to it. One part that was sad on my holiday was that I almost cheated on my boyfriend. I havent heard from him on the week before holiday break. A guy named Terrell who is my friends cousin came into the picture. He liked me and I liked him. Terrell and I were talking sexially on the the phone one night. Then my boo called me on New Years day and I told him how me and Terrell have been talking for a while. I told him how we were sexially talking on the phone and he was upset. I said I was sorry and he's still my boo and I'm still his. My grandma hurted my feelings last night because I was taking a long time to get into bed and I didn't answer her question in the wrong tone. She said to me: ''Your going to catch me in a bad mood where you'll make me stab you.'' ''Your father or somebody better talk to you.'' ''If you keep being gay your  father  won't want anything to do with you.'' ''You better act what you are.'' When she said that, that really hit the core of my heart. I couldn't even sleep last night. The happy parts of my holiday was my cousin who was on perol came to stay for the holiday. Me and her were talking on the holiday. We talked about a lot of things on the break. We listened to Nicki Minaj together while we were sitting on the step. We have so much in common and we just have a lot of laughs. She had to leave on yesterday which had made me mad. The fun part of my holiday playing on the hot-line with Paula and her friend Adenna. Paula's name was Mia, Adenna's named was Diamonds and mine was Lowla. We flirted with lots of guys. It was so much fun and funny. That is the story of my happy, sad and fun holiday.