Friday, April 27, 2012

Feeling Recharged

After all the crazy things I've done, I gain all of the power back into me. I felt like I was POWERLESS and I felt like I was almost gone. I've said something to a friend's mom and it was totally disrespectful. I tried giving apologies but it didn't work but it doesn't mean I'm not out of the game. He tried to beat me up and once he hit me, I became a totally different person. All the energy I thought I lost came back in my body. I'm unstopable like Kim Possible so anyone who tries to step to me will be distroyed. If you talk crap about me I'm going to be a bigger person about it.

My life will be at a different approach for now on. I'm more tough, strong, motivated, sassy, conceited and bad as in cool. I love myself more then I did before. Life is going to get tuffer but I'm pretty sure I can thrib through anything. Vincent will always be Vincent! I'm like Lil T from ''Dance Central 2'' I work it like a model while my haters just stand there like manniquins. Vincent Taylor A.K.A BlindSpot or Oblivion.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Election Day

Election Day is when the citizens of the United States vote for the next person to become president. Students who are at the age of 18 are allowed to vote in the Election. What I know about Election Day is it comes all year around and it only happens when you the president is about to retire. Two people half to compete with each other to be the next runner up for president. Being president is a difficult job to handle because you're running the whole United States. You work with the government and tell them what should be changed and what shouldn't. That's mostly what Election Day is all about.

Friday, April 20, 2012

THE EXPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Autism Expo was terrific. It amazes me how so many parents care fo their child regardless of there disability. Two parents today talked about their child named ''Julian.'' They talked about when he was a kid, he never started talking. The Mother explained how her mom was a women from down south and she told her:''The child will start talking when he's ready'' which I found to be funny. She noticed that his eating habits were unusual. The mother explained how she had to mix up green beans with banana putting. She also noticed that he put all the blocks in color order. When she made that statement, I remembered when I was younger and I use to put my toys in little patterns. It took me back to my childhood and just listening to her talk about her child was just a great experience.

During the Expo I was telling people about our projects that we were working on. I had positve energy and great personality which is my usual self. I smiled and gave a great performance on explaining our class project. I went all over taking things off the tables which you're allowed to do. In conclusion, I had a great time at THE EXPO WHOOOOOAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!