Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My New Years Resolution

My first new years resolution is to be the bigger and better person as soon as possible because the way that I have been handling myself isn't that great and I want to do a little better for this year. For example, a lot of people always want to know my business and other personal things in my life. I feel like I can never get up and walk away from it's like and I'm forced into it so I half to tell them. Also I get smart when someone says or comments on something I don't like and it's about myself and this year I'm going to just ignored them. I want to be more of a wise guy and very confident. If anyone says something rude towards me I can either laugh at it or say nothing at all. I can't do it. It's not me and who I am as a person. I want to be looked up to or otherwise be a repluca of a person on TV. All I want do is go to school, get good grades, completing all of the assignments and going to college. I only want my dreams to come true. Your dreams aren't fantasies.
My second news years resolution is to be open and at the same time having a wall up. My sign is a Scorpio and we attend to keep things bottled up inside us. I made myself a diary to help release the stress I have on the inside so I don't take it out on people. I'm not trying to throw myself off the path to a good successful life. Love is the only thing I have for people especially my haters. Throughout the bad times I've had I learned a lot and taken a lot of advice from teachers. I'm loving the fact that I consider these two things my resolutions. In conclusion, I'm going to blossum into a wonderful person. P.S, I'm done instigating too!!!!