Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Evil Inside Of Me

I feel like people want to take my kindness for a weakness. I know sometimes It's me but most of the time it's people. I've gotten advice from my cousin so I'm trying redeam myself while I'm at school and at my program. As long as you be nice I'll be nice. You say something ignorant out your mouth I won't interact with you. If you constantly just go I'm going to overpower you in anyway I can. I don't like be evil, mean, and tempermental person but if you get it out of  me I will attend to do so. I don't like mean, arrogant, overly conceded people who are smart up to the point where they make everybody else feel smarte than them. I got evil inside of me.The best thing you should do is don't bring it out of me because once I go above 4, that's a warning. Keep your distance please and thank you!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Italy is a place in Europe. It borders France, Switzerland, and Austria. The flag of Italy is red, white, and green. The green part of the flag stands for the uniform of the clivic soldiers. One of the landmarks in Italy is the coliseum. It's where armies use to have battles and watch people get killed. Some parts of Italy don't have streets just water. The word of Etymology ''Italia'' is a numerous amount of corpes in a solution in the historians.

One of the most amazing Museums is located in Northern Italy. It has found one of the most oldest living dinosaurs in Italy. It is a predator and it was known for having a long neck, sharp teeth, and it lived around the Jurassic period. It was called Saltriosaurus which was a theropod dinosaur. It lived in Italy around the jurassic. You can see the picture on the top.

Venice is a place in Italy where there are some parts of streets and some parts are water. The only one way you can travel is by boat. Venice is as beauttiful as it can be. Venice has many names, for example, it's been known as the ''City Of Water'' and the ''City Of Bridges.'' It's called that because it is the first city to have been built by man in the water. Venice is located in Northern Italy in the Adriatic Sea. Another name for it is the ''City Of Canals.'' Venice is also known as the city of romance. It is a famous tourist atraction. One of the names of the streets is ''Calle Della Madonna.'' Italy is one of the most circular places in the world in the world. Venice is so breathtaking.

The roman coliseum is known for having lots of battles and lots of murdering. It was built by the roman empire. The Roman empire were a group of soldiers that would fight to finish in the coliseum. They would use male lions to kill off their enemies. It is now a ancient landmark now. It's located in the capitol of Italy which is Rome.

The Mediterenanean sea is right next to Italy. In Italy, this is the ocean where they catch their food. It's a lot of sea life in the Mediterenanean. The wildlife in the mediterenanean is very weird and bizzare. one of the weirdest animals there is the Spirographus. It is a bizzare type of animal. It looks like a type of plant that you see in the rainforest.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

LIFE And What It Stands For

L.I.F.E to me stands for Laughter, Imagination, Fun, and Experience. The reason I picked these words because you see these things in everyday life. People going to parties having fun, dancing and eating food during the summer time at cookouts, sometimes at a birthday or field trip at your school. People just talking about whatever they want to, telling jokes which brings a lot of laughter. Sometimes you got to laugh to keep from crying and that's what the L stands for.

All of your imagination and dreams can come and that's only if you make that happen. In addiction, if you have a dream of being the world's greatest painter, you go to school and study on it. Once you get your degree in art there's no stopping you now. Dreams don't have to be just your imagination. They are more precious then you think they are. Sometimes It don't always work out the way you plan but ed leased you can still try and work for it. You'll never know! An opportunity could come knocking at your front door one day.

Sometimes in life you half to just come out your shell and show the real person inside which most people don't do now-a-days. If you're secretly gay, lesbian, or bisexial you just show it instead of trying to be like everybody else. You are your own person. You can only look out for you like always and as it should be. You want to be leader not a follower. You got your own mind. REMEMBER THAT! In the words of one of Keke Palmer's songs ''Looks Are Only Skin Deep.''

E stands for experience because these are also things that happen. Everybody has an experience with something even if it's sexual. Some experiences are good while some are bad. Bad Experiences are the ones you got to watch out for because you never know what could happen to you. Rape, Murder, Robbery whatever YOU MUST BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!! Good Experiences like school, learning, talent, and love. You must know that these are the only things that will help you in L.I.F.E. That's what these four letters mean to my perspective.