Monday, November 14, 2011

Planning Out The Website

Learning how to create websites for me was very interesting, hard working, educating, disappointing, fustrating, entertaining, stressful, and quite decent. The reason why I said it was interesting because I learned how to make a website but not by planning it out step by step. When our teacher Ms. Mckeone showed us the diagram for the website she's planning on making for her accomplishment, I knew it was going to be hard. She told us to make our own and not to mock her idea. We got started.

I thought It was hard working because I couldn't figure out where all of my pages were going to be and how would they connect with the content. I sat at my desk trying to figure out what should the title of the website, what kind of pages were going to be on the site, and how should it look. I started thinking hard and I started to get an idea in my head. I drew it out and what I had on the diagram or flowchart was four for different pages. The pages were About, Producing Music, Editing, and a profile.

I started drawing out lines for the about page. I drew 4 lines for and drew out 4 little indivisual boxes. One box said songs and on the bottom of that box there was another that said listen now. I thought it was educating when I was drawling out my boxes just getting a surten idea for what I wanted in each page. I drew three more squares and they all indivisually were saying the names of what I wanted on there which was Portolio, Drafts, and Songwriting.

My teacher explained what I should change about my flowchart. She said that the editing page should be a Lyrics page and she just told me to revise the Profile into something else. I went back to my seat and started brainstorming. It was a little difficult thinking of what to write for the last page. My head was pounding trying to come up with such a brilliant idea. Ms. Mckeone gave me an idea on making the profile page into Community.

Days started passing and we didn't have all month. The class and I started to draw out their wireframes.
My first wireframe was different and this time I had five pages instead of four for my website. The first
wireframe I made was great. I was on the right track and I knew what I was doing. I let Ms. Mckeone look at it. She told me to make a few changes to some parts.

We started to create the websites and it was disappointing because I started to create whatever instead of doing what I was creating. Ms. Mckeone and Mrs. Evans were very disappointed at what they saw.
It was a rainbow mess of Kayox. I went to EW and revised it over again. It really stressed me out because the computer was slow and had to restart but I got half of it done.

Monday was the day to represent our websites. I was so ready to go and I was exstatic. I was all jittery
in my seat and I couldn't be motionless for two seconds. I got up and presented for my teachers and they liked what they saw better then last week. I told them about the things I put and etc. It was great and my grade went higher.

Doing that hard work was a work out but I made It through and It will be a big old memory in my noggin. I'm going to be doing that type of stuff when I'm out in the world. The reason why I thought it was good because that type of activity motivates you to do better and be better. I had a great time making the webzines. I want to do it again for my senior year.www.wixcom/vincenttaylor/

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Skyscraper Should Be The National Anthem For Southphilly High

There's a new song called by Demi Lovato called ''Skyscraper'' and I think it should be the National anthem of Southphilly High school, I think of baby birds learning how to fly. If you don't learn how to fly you won't be able to handle what's out there in the the real world. This song can help people build up their pride. Everyone knows you can't fly without your wings. That's why I think the song should be the national anthem in this school.                                                          

The song was on Demand when I found it. The words that Demi says are powerful and have a strong feeling to them. The words show me independence, bravery, strength, and pride because one part of the song I liked that she said was:''Go on and try to tare me down, I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper.'' When she said that, she ment that she's going to keep going no matter how many times you hurt her. The words hit me like a slap to my face. The album that the song is on is called ''Unbroken.'' This song is very empowering. The song will be the best thing the school will ever have. How? The song is very settle and very calm for people just to sit down, relax, and think happy thoughts. It's a great song and I hope people like it.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Weekend

My three day weekend was, how can I explain this? It was a beautiful disaster. On Saturday, I sat in my room writing songs until I got to song 8. On Sunday morning, I was cooking and my 3 years old cousin was in the kitchen. I was cooking Sausage, Eggs and Cheese. I took the pot of hot grease in the pan and some of the grease got in her eye and on her four head and burnt her skin. I was laying down in my room almost in tears but it wasn't my fault. It was cousins fault because she don't watch her baby and she never do. It was a accident when that happen. On Monday, I kept writing and writing songs until I got to 15. I wrote a little bit of 15 and then stopped. That was my weekend!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Being A Professional Mentor

Working with the kids was a wonderful experience. I worked with two students and they were wonderful. They were self stimming a little but I used some smart tatics to get them back into place. It can be a little difficult working with kids but I know how to be nice when it comes to working with them. All the work payed off after we finished working with the kids.

One of the kids I worked with was Terrell, a nice little guy. He loved taking pictures with me. He got a little bit upset but he did good. The reason he got upset because he wanted to see the screen and the colors were blocking it. Other then him getting upset, he did a spectacular job.

Teaching Terrell how to work on Comic Strip was making me hungry. We went to get lunch and we chicken nuggets and rice. I had a second helping of everything because I was so hungry. After we ate we finished the rest of the comic and the kids went home. We earned a lot of money that day.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


My weekend was great. I went to my dad's house and played this game called ''Left 4 Dead.'' It's a extremely hard game and a scary one too. It's about the how the ended and all these Zombies have taking over. Their are many different Zombies in the game and there are some really cool ones. They can be very vicious so you got to be careful when you are playing it. The first one I am going to tell you about is The Boomer. When the Boomer gets close to you he throws up a nasty vomit which attacts a horde of Zombies. The vomit to them means food. The Hunter is exspecially vicious. The Hunter crouches down and then jumps on you, slashes at your close, trying to rip you apart. The Smokers will take there tongues and rap them around your neck and try to kill choke you.  One of my favorites the Witch. The only thing she does is sit and cry. She doesn't like flashlights, noises, and most of all being shot at. She gets a little too agressive. The Tank is a big husky Gorilla looking kind of Zombie. He grabs you and punches you into the air. This game is very intense.

Friday, March 4, 2011

My Accomplishments For This Year

My accomplishment for this year is to get a higher grade in Mr. Streusses class. I need that C to become a B so no more getting distracted in class. I do well in my Drama class so i'm going to keep that up. I need to stop keeping myself distracted in Mr Streuss class because thats not good. SO that is something I need that's. My next goal is to watch my friends closely because you never know what your friend can turn on you. My friend Shamir is such a sweetheart. I love her to death but something tells me I got to watch her. I'm suspicious about the way she act sometimes. My last goal is to forget bullies because they aren't nothing to me just a waste of time and patience. I don't need that in my life and I'm better then a hater. I'm starting to love haters talking about me because what they say is so funny and it makes me feel special. Those are my new accomplishments for this year.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Know About....

I know about music, dance and song writing. When It comes to music, dance and song writing there comes a lot of feelings, emotion, thought and confidents. When your writing songs, it's not about making a good song it's about writing with what you feel and how you feel. I wrote a song called Private Property and the song is talking about how I will never let another boy get with me and then be unfaithful afterwards. The boy will never touch me, talk to me or try make me think about wanting you because all of this is private property. When I listen to music I put myself in a different place, a different world and whatever the name of the song is I become the name of that. Dancing is not about making a good dance routine or trying to be the best. Its about just having fun with yourself and not worrying about what people thing of you. Never dance to the same thing all the time. Me, I like to dance to the beat of a different drum and it's fun. If you keep dancing to the same thing all the time for a while, it'll be Ok and then you started to get sick of it. I dance to Rock songs, Pop songs, HipHop songs, Slow songs and R&B songs. You don't want to listen to the same thing all the time. Always try listening to something new because it's better. There are some tips on music, dance and song writing.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Auto Biography

In 2008 in the summer I was arguing with this kid named Marcus. Him and I are friends now but we would fight each other a lot. I didn't like him at first and we would call each other names. I called him a Loser and he would call me a Jerk Face. We got in a fight and I punched him a few times and he hit me once. The teacher was upset that we did that we would do something like that. We both learn from our mistakes. We are great friends now and he has my back and I have his mine. The End!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Song For Autism


Ooooh yeeeaah!
We are just like you {Ooowhoooa}

Have you ever felt so different, an out cast from everybody else 
Do they talk about you behind your back, sayin you aint cool or you aint all that 
But I can talk like you but I can walk like you
I can do so many things like you

I might be in different classes like you 
I can talk and do things I act just like you
There's no difference, be quit and listen 
Imma bout to speak my mind 

Im tellin you now I am no different 
Im just like you 
I can walk, I can talk, I can run, I can jump
We are so cool
It doesn't matter who you are
If you have autism or if you don't
Its Normal we're Normal
Babe we are just like you 
We are what we are, you and I are the same 
We both suffer from stress and pain
Its Normal we're Normal

I hate when people judge me 
Sayin the 1 word I really hate to hear
I tell myself smart and intelligent 
I have friends that see that Im no different from them

That's right Marcus
We gotta let them know how we feel
We are the same in many ways 
Why do they mess with us I mean what the deal

I might be different but you can never say who I am 
I love the way I am, I love they I look
Soooooo just leave me alone

Im tellin you I am no different
Im just like you
I can walk, I can talk, I can run, I can jump
We are so cool 
It doesn't matter who you are
If you have autism or if you don't 
Its Normal we're Normal {WHOA}
Babe we are just like you
We are what we we are, you and I are the same 
We suffer from stress and pain
Its Normal we're Normal 

We're just like you but we do things differently 
We smart and brilliant, Believe Me! 
Some people understand my chemistry
Other people don't they just offend me
Im brave and strong and tough
Im nice just don't try to be ruff
I play my games my way 
Imma kid with autism, that's all I gotta say

(Vincent & Marcus)
Im tellin you I am no different 
Im just like you
I can walk, I can talk, I can run, I can jump
We are so cool
It doesn't matter who you wre
If you have or if you don't 
Its Normal we're Normal
Babe we are just like you
We are what we are, you and I are the same
We suffer from stress and pain
Its Normal we're Normal

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Big Goal

Our teacher made a new goal for us to do. The new goal is to increase our vocabulary by 1.5 years. They vocabulary, comprehension, writng, and grammar. I want to accomplish a lot of things for this year. Hopefully I can push that goal in with the rest of my goals. This is best goal for me because I need to learn how to spell big words. Today I was trying to spell Conservative but I spelled it out wrong. This year I just want to get good grades on my report card. I am working so hard and fast that I'm scared of getting a bad report card because my other report card I had 4 A s 1 B and C. This year I want it to be better. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Snow Day

Yesterday we did not have school because they were all closed. So I stayed home on the extremely cold day yesterday. I had fun on the snow day except there was an issue with Terrell my friend Davids cousin had a problem with David. He said that David had stole his boyfriend Romeo and they both went at it. Terrell said that David didn't know that they were a couple when he did. When he said that I was so mad, David would do such a thing to his own flesh and blood. That is wrong and that is something you shouldn't do to your own family. Terrell to told me that he would hold his head up high in a haphazard way. He said to me: ''He is done with David and Romeo and is just worried about himself so he ain't thinking about them.'' I agreed with his bias decision. He is a great guy who is talented and a smart boy. He told me: ''He had STD problems from having sexial contacts with a man without whering a condem. I told him: ''I hope they fix that problem and im sorry.'' Good thing he gave me the explanation for it. LOL!! Terrell is going to construct himself up in a good way. David on the other hand is not going to hear from me until he learns what he did is wrong and he never will because he's a dummy sometimes. As for me I am focused school and getting educated and going where I need to go. Im not acting like a fool anymore seriously. I will approach myself in a perfectional way.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Break

My holiday had some sad, happy and fun parts to it. One part that was sad on my holiday was that I almost cheated on my boyfriend. I havent heard from him on the week before holiday break. A guy named Terrell who is my friends cousin came into the picture. He liked me and I liked him. Terrell and I were talking sexially on the the phone one night. Then my boo called me on New Years day and I told him how me and Terrell have been talking for a while. I told him how we were sexially talking on the phone and he was upset. I said I was sorry and he's still my boo and I'm still his. My grandma hurted my feelings last night because I was taking a long time to get into bed and I didn't answer her question in the wrong tone. She said to me: ''Your going to catch me in a bad mood where you'll make me stab you.'' ''Your father or somebody better talk to you.'' ''If you keep being gay your  father  won't want anything to do with you.'' ''You better act what you are.'' When she said that, that really hit the core of my heart. I couldn't even sleep last night. The happy parts of my holiday was my cousin who was on perol came to stay for the holiday. Me and her were talking on the holiday. We talked about a lot of things on the break. We listened to Nicki Minaj together while we were sitting on the step. We have so much in common and we just have a lot of laughs. She had to leave on yesterday which had made me mad. The fun part of my holiday playing on the hot-line with Paula and her friend Adenna. Paula's name was Mia, Adenna's named was Diamonds and mine was Lowla. We flirted with lots of guys. It was so much fun and funny. That is the story of my happy, sad and fun holiday.