Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How Skyscraper Should Be The National Anthem For Southphilly High

There's a new song called by Demi Lovato called ''Skyscraper'' and I think it should be the National anthem of Southphilly High school, I think of baby birds learning how to fly. If you don't learn how to fly you won't be able to handle what's out there in the the real world. This song can help people build up their pride. Everyone knows you can't fly without your wings. That's why I think the song should be the national anthem in this school.                                                          

The song was on Demand when I found it. The words that Demi says are powerful and have a strong feeling to them. The words show me independence, bravery, strength, and pride because one part of the song I liked that she said was:''Go on and try to tare me down, I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper.'' When she said that, she ment that she's going to keep going no matter how many times you hurt her. The words hit me like a slap to my face. The album that the song is on is called ''Unbroken.'' This song is very empowering. The song will be the best thing the school will ever have. How? The song is very settle and very calm for people just to sit down, relax, and think happy thoughts. It's a great song and I hope people like it.