Monday, November 5, 2012

Personal Goal

My Goal is apply for college. What I've finished so far for my goal is having A ''Senior Exit Project Portfolio.'' This will be a guide on what I need for me to apply to colleges. I have one application for Cheyney University completed and ready. I still have plenny more steps to take before my goal is complete.

I need to finish my portfolio website so I can send it to the colleges I'm applying too. Also I half to Ms. Fitzgerald about the items I need for SAT tests. Papers for the SAT need to be signed by an Assistant Principal. My step for this part of the goal is to have Ms. Marett sign her signature. I still half to make a schedule for my steps.

My other steps are to gather up all of my creations that I've made in school and home. I will take pictures of my creations and show them in my website. I need to finish the other pages for my website. I need to film a video of myself but it needs to be short. It sounds like a plan. 

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