Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Beautiful And Hot Summer

The best season is summer. In the summer there's good parts and there's bad parts. You have the sunshine, trees  and plants nice and green, and best part about it is the nice cool swimming pools. Kids outside where shorts, wife beaters, and shirts. A lot of people are out shopping and roaming around in the summer buying Beach where, sunscreen, water and other wanted products. Planning trips for amusement parks and island vacations are always fun. People having traditional cookouts on their neighborhood block. Fourth of July is always a sparkle in the sky as the Fireworks fill the air with color and beauty. People serve water ice in the in the summer time  so they can have something cold to eat. Ice cream trucks are always driving around with their musical tune.

Not every part of the summer is good. You have really hot temperatures that are so severe that they can be very dangerous to an animal or human once you step outside. Summertime is also a season for criminals. You never know what you can run into until you walk into a gang. Sicknesses such as heat fever and heart attacks are common on humans. Sweat drips off your body from the intense heat. That's the cycle of the Good And Bad parts of the Summer.

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