Friday, May 18, 2012

The Program I Went To On Wednesday

We had this program on Wednesday. They were teaching us about careers that we want presiew in my life. I signed up for to which were Financial Literacy and Behind the Music. I suggested these two jobs because I want be a singer-songwriter (Dancer) for my career and at the same time manage all my money for the music business. Raw Beauty which is a music group preparing on coming out with a new album. Jessica who was the female and the man's name that remains withheld talked about how education is the key to success and to getting you a good job. Jesse short for Jessica, tells her that some of her family members didn't make it in the music career. She explained how they never had a back up plan. Three people from the music industry sat down and talked about how they worked hard in the business of music. The songwriter explained how he worked with Chris Brown, Ciara, and other varieties of artists. I learned a lot from them and they helped me grow as a student.

In Financial Literacy I learned that when I comes to money you have to be very persistent about what you spend. I learned about the 4 key words (budget, scholarship, save, and banking). Those words are the simple ways of helping you in your life. I also learned about student loans how you don't want to do that because you won't have a way to pay them back. That's why it's important to have a plan for your money.

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